Don’t Run with Scissors

Image of Scissors with warning indicator as to ban the item

I’ve often heard people say, “don’t run with scissors, you might get hurt”.  Just the fact that your running, in general, raises the probability of injury.   The fact that we have scissors in our possession isn’t going to increase the risk of injury by very much.  This is true with a lot of things we are told,  I’m sure at the very core of this statement is “I love you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.”  The problem is saying such a thing might seem to be simplistic, and it’s much more interesting to build a complex narrative around scissors.

Knives Can Also Hurt

The fact is scissors can hurt if you happen to cut yourself with them, but not as likely as if we were running around with sharp knives.  I don’t often hear people tell me “Don’t run around with knives” because, in a way, it’s self-evident, if I fall on a sharp knife I risk stabbing myself.  The very nature of a pair of scissors, the sharp edges are on the inside, so if the scissors are closed, I don’t run as much of a risk as if they are open.

The Devil’s tools

Scissors hurt when you get cut with them, and so do knives, but I think the worse is a little invention we found about 20 years ago the rotary blade.   This is essentially a round razor blade that is often used in sewing and textiles because it cuts very neatly with a single motion.  After purchasing one of these gadgets for my wife, she proceeded to cut the very tiny tip of one of her fingers off.  She said it didn’t hurt, but it did bleed, and wouldn’t stop! A visit to the doctor and a cauterize fingertip was the remedy to stop the bleeding.

Rotary blades are possibly one of “The Devil’s tools” and should not be used flippantly.   With that being said, it isn’t a bad tool at all, just pretty dangerous, but very useful.   I would surely have at least one at home for those times when I need to cut a lot of fabric like material.

I wish we could change our phrases to make more sense, but It probably won’t happen, I will say this – if you are running, it’s best not to run with an open pair of sharp scissors, a knife, or an open rotary cutter.

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