Let’s go, Karen!

Yes, it’s the year of the Karen, or maybe next year is the year of the Karen. I’m really quite confused with all this Covid Crazyness. It’s almost another year finished and another year to come, but the question is of course, are you a Karen?

Maybe you think of yourself as one who is overly protecting society by imposing arbitrary rules of your own creation. I mean, if you are going to go out with a bang, might as well go out punching, kicking, and spitting. And it’s the airlines who are telling us yes, airplanes are probably the safest place to breath with all that crazy filtration and positive airflow, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll catch Covid, or even a common cold while flying.

So Karen, the thin paper we call masks, will it really protect you from a virus that is much tinier than the weave of the mask… but yet, it’s not about common sense, it’s about “Science!”

Yes, Karen, you are an inspiration to children (really, like nasty sue who would always rat you out to the teacher during recess) around the world, not all of them, just the ones who don’t have friends. Keep up the work you seem to live for fulfilling, ratting out the neighbor who is walking his dog at 5 AM without a mask. The vigilance you took to put that yellow safety tape all over the swing set across from your house was amazing!

I can see it now, Time Person of the Year, Karen!

Let’s go, Karen!

author’s note: If you are not a Karen, but you are named Karen, please allow apologies for this moniker of distain, when your parents named you, Karen was a noble and honorable name. Secondly, and I’m sorry I even need to say this, but consider going by your middle name, or a nickname, or even consider legally changing your name, at least for the next few years.

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